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Starting or expanding a business? A good Domain name for your website is important.. Not so many good names are available, anymore.

The advantage of buying an existing name is that it already has been shown to have had interest about it, and it is declared by the Seller to be Available. NOTE: We verify ownership as possible.

If you buy one of these names, we can assist in the transfer.

Whether a name has never been used or is expired or not, look at an official registrar site for domain names for sale or registered. One registered may be unused and for sale at a premium.

There are also resellers of registered names which show up at the registrar as not available - registered. You may really need one of these, and may go through the agent or look up the owner and send an offer. (more at bottom of this page)

To get started with a Web site, you need THREE (3) Things:

  • A domain name registered in your name,
  • pointed to your Hosting company,
  • with a website installed.

Here are some DOMAINS For Sale by Owners:

Obviously you have to buy and register a domain name first, before any other steps.

Just copy the domain you are interested in and
paste it into our form with a note saying you are interested,
or make an offer (such as 75% of ask plus Royalty)

DomainName TLD CreateDate Status PRICE Features
BEST-BUSINESS-OPPS.INFO .info 9/23/2012 Active 4500.00  
BEST-CHOCOLATE-SITE.COM .com 12/14/2011 Active 15000.00 Existing Search Directory
BESTBIZ-OPS.COM .com 9/23/2012 Active 6500.00 Goes only with .info
BESTBIZ-OPS.INFO .info 9/23/2012 Active 2600.00  
BUYERLEADS.BIZ .biz 4/26/2006 Active 6500.00 Only goes with other BuyerLeads
BUYERLEADS.NET .net 4/26/2006 Active 8500.00  
BUYERLEADS.US .us 7/26/2004 Active 7500.00  
CONSUMERSINSTITUTE.NET .net 12/23/2008 Active 19000.00 Only goes with other similar
CONSUMERSINSTITUTE.ORG .org 12/23/2008 Active 15000.00  
DALLASMODELHOMES.COM .com 5/16/2013 Active 350.00  
DEALERTERRITORIES.COM .com 5/24/2013 Active 15000.00  
FIND-DIR.COM .com 4/27/2009 Active 15000.00  
FINDROID.NET .net 3/14/2009 Active 19000.00  
FINESTDIRECTORY.COM .com 8/10/2000 Active 12500.00 These only go together, package
FINESTDIRECTORY.INFO .info 7/25/2008 Active 7000.00  
FINESTDIRECTORY.NET .net 7/25/2008 Active 9000.00  
FINESTDIRECTORY.ORG .org 7/25/2008 Active 7000.00  
HELPFUL-PAGES.COM .com 9/23/2012 Active 12000.00  
HELPFUL-PAGES.INFO .info 9/23/2012 Active 8000.00  
HOT-WEATHER-CLOTHING.COM .com 3/31/2012 Active 7000.00  
HOW-TO-BUY-A-CAR.US .us 4/28/2012 Active 6000.00  
HOWTOCHOOSEAHOSTINGCOMPANY.INFO .info 12/12/2006 Active 5900.00  
HOWTOCHOOSEHOSTINGCOMPANY.COM .com 12/12/2006 Active 7900.00  
PARALEGALAIDES.COM .com 8/23/2008 Active 11900.00  
POLYINTELCO.COM .com 12/3/2012 Locked 4500.00  
SUPERANIMEDOLLS.COM .com 8/6/2004 Active 6000.00  
TOP-FIND-DIR.COM .com 4/27/2009 Active 6000.00  
TOP-WEB-DESIGNERS.NET .net 3/25/2009 Active 14500.00  
TOP-WEB-DESIGNERS.US .us 3/25/2009 Active 11500.00  
TOPINVESTIGATORS.US .us 8/25/2004 Active 950.00  
TOPLAWYERS.US .us 8/25/2004 Active 11900.00  
TOPLAWYERSLASVEGAS.COM .com 5/20/2013 Active 3900.00  
TOPLIEDETECTORS.COM .com 8/1/2007 Active 1900.00 Goes only with other & Long est Website
TOPLIEDETECTORS.US .us 8/15/2004 Active 1700.00  
TOPUSAEXPERTS.COM .com 5/26/2013 Active 29000.00  
WANT-TO-BUYONLINE.COM .com 11/13/2005 Active 11900.00  
WANTED-NOW.BIZ .biz 3/14/2009 Active 9000.00  
WIKI-BEST.COM .com 9/19/2012 Active 14000.00 Only goes together with others
WIKI-BEST.ORG .org 9/19/2012 Active 8900.00  
WIKI-BEST.US .us 9/19/2012 Active 7900.00  
WIKIBEST.US .us 9/19/2012 Active 14500.00  

A domain name does not necessarily have to match the business name. People often don't remember company or unpopular names. They don't necesarily look for a product by the company name, unless it is a major or known area brand.

More often the product or service type is what is searched, unless your brand is well-known. Some choices are to have the company initials, or a domain name for each major product, spelled like the product or brand. If your brand or company is not well known, a product or service type in the name is usually good, or a catchy oddball name that can be turned into a brand. But test such names on people who are not your friends, who will be honest. The reactions will usually surprise you. Similarity to real words is often good for a brand.

It is advisable to have a domain registrar who is not your hosting company. Keeping the two separate lets you easily move a website by also choosing a good hosting company, which is your next step after getting a domain. Find a good web designer and webmaster to help you understand issues and ways to avoid problems.

They can help you choose a better hosting company with which they prefer to work, and also to perhaps help you find a good template which might save you a bit or give you a more attractive and maintainable site. Do not only look at the top hosting company ratings, but also at details to be aware of regarding hosting companies. This is also a good time to really study proper web site design tips and factors for web business success.

We personally use , a specialist reseller with an excellent "control panel". Cheap-domainregistration seems to us a good inexpensive registrar to search and register a web name. (This is NOT an endorsement. We get nothing for saying that)

Don't buy an expired registration from anyone but a registrar! The person has no control over it, otherwise.

More often the owner will try to sell it before it expires or offer it through a company that helps sell them, his agent. These are places you can look for expiring domains for sale, where the owner has listed it, LIKE THIS PAGE!

Many people speculate on domains for resale. They have no intent of using it themselves. Hence there is a shortage of good names.

For existing names, make sure a resale auction is reputable and in your country. Check out the site or seller.

Be careful of some website or domain sellers who lock you into THEIR HOSTING or REGISTRAR. Be very cautious on buying entire websites for sale. Many have locked-in hosting. Unless you really want to run the business or there are no long term contract obligations, purchasing a cheap website is often not a good idea if the price for hosting is high or locked in.

That is what some rackets do is sell a very cheap site to get you locked into expensive hosting. That is not the same as a reputable hosting company with reasonable fees.

Good Luck

Note: If you would like more helpful information about starting a website or a web business, then browse our other information guides and tips on our menu above: 11 Web Business Success Tips, Starting a Web Business Checklist, How to Choose a Domain Name, How to Choose a Domain Registration Company, How to Choose a Hosting Company, Tips for Designing a Website, How to Get My Website Working, How to Promote Your Website, 10 Website Improvement Tips

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