15 Main Secrets to Web Success You Should Know
The most important principles of Web Design & Promotion

Can you or your web developer pass this test on principles which can make or break a business?

It's all about GOOD MANAGEMENT - like all business!

Do you utilize these crucial Rules for Website Success?

These Priorities are listed in order of importance-ALL are required to optimize potential for success.

1) That the website should be an integral part of the business and its strategy as a central tool to pull the company together, aid communications to be sure everyone (even staff) knows the company's priorities and products, history of the company and where it is headed, that it can aid operations and planning, that it is the company's main PR, image, identity, Advertising, marketing, and product refinement tool rolled into one as a rallying point to unify employees and customers to know its goals and values?

2) That management must be informed, prepared, involved and willing to properly plan, select experts, guide and monitor progress with proper care, study, proper assignments, and caution, and accept responsibility for outcomes?

3) That choosing the right expert web design-developer-webmaster firm is the single most important choice to be made, besides proper web marketing strategy to use based on research and testing---for web success?

4) That choosing the proper internal web-Liason to interact with the outside professional designer-developer, graphic artists, image sources, registrars and hosting companies, plus web promotion experts or Paid promotion platforms (Adwords) is the next-most important factor in web-success?

5) That without--- a carefully-researched (competition, demand, appeals, etc.) and continually-refined marketing strategy, niche positioning, and outstanding unique products (the elements of any good business) matched to your resources for both development and promotion---there is almost NO likelihood of high profitability (unless the product has over-whelming demand growth), especially if the target market is national or international?

6) That using proven direct marketing techniques developed over 60 years, to test appeals, research competition and refine strategies in campaigns is the next-most important requirement for web-success?

7) That even many experts in the internet field can barely keep up with changes and theories in the internet environment, and misinformed so-called experts are drawn into fads that result in unpredictable and unreliable web marketing and poor performance (as they accept every "expert" or Google suggestion without any thought about other risks of some popular approaches like Content Management Systems and organic ranking)? (The point is don't rely so much on "popular opinion" and conventional wisdom)

8) That the next-most important choice is whether the site will primarily be designed for paid promotion or organic-natural rankings, (in light of the designer's recommendations and the company's resources, staffing, writing skills, advertising skills, labor availability and budget)---OR whether a "hybrid approach emphasizing one of the two choices may be better (or even a shifting-emphasis hybrid-paid to organic)?

9) That letting anyone other than the web designer or webmaster modify the website (except under a strict procedure for limited text content areas and blog by staff) can mean disaster, damaging thousands of dollars worth of coding refinement specially designed for easier upgrades, maintenance, compatibility and W3C compliance---as well as destroying version and back-up controls?

10) That starting out right and studying before you begin is absoultely crucial to web-success and avoiding the numerous risks and pitfalls and huge volume of misinformation out there?

11) That proper budgeting for web design, promotion, updates, campaigns, promotion and internal staffing and support labor is absolutely crucial to a) allow for promotion, and b) enforce the all-important strategies with which every function must comply and aid in balance?

12) That your business has little chance to succeed if it does not revolve entirely around unique, in-demand quality products or skills, which enable potential for brand recognition with a company unique identity, focus and differentiation with basic good management and good staffing,---so there would not be much point in spending much on a web presence.
OR, if trying to make a go without a quality demand product, then an exceptional web presence must be created to try to compensate for weak products. (Large easy profits only come from uniqueness, high demand and high margins--all other businesses are just a struggle to make small profits-- especially on the internet)?

13) That emphasis on the latest rage such as forums and blogging can cause numerous problems if the company does not have the staff, expertise and experts to help avoid security and time issues, taking away from regular work?

14) That Flash, images and graphics can take enormous time, effort and money to design, select, create, modify and put in correct formats and shapes, and that the Logo is the most important graphic to create AFTER most of the marketing strategy and web competition research is fully completed AND after talking to the web designer who helps give the website and company it's final identity and personality on the web?

15) That simplicity, leanness, clean code and rapid answering of Who, What, When, Where, How and Why (and how are you better and trustworthy), AS WELL as getting attention and naming the target prospect and showing the product in use---in the first few seconds of a visit (all that!!) (unless the company is already widely known)-- are crucial to success---which eliminates most sophisticated, cryptic, mysterious or cutesy, clever, creative, weird, designs and content with difficult readability (white or color on black background)?


We have yet to meet any company that gets most of the above right. Would you have guessed those particular items in such a priority order? Hence most companies spend too much, or too little and often miserably fail at both design and proper promotion of their websites. They commonly make numerous fatal mistakes or at least mistakes that waste time and money and hold the company and site back from its true potential.

If you are willing to at least consider some of these points, you will eventually see that this is the proper way to run a web presence--- only as dictated by researched carefully-devised strategies, and learning to use classical proven direct-marketing techniques to not only build a great website, but also use the internet tools to do the market, appeals and competition research that only big companies could afford to do in decades past. (How they became bigger)

We want to work ONLY with management who sees these guiding principles as exactly what the top management books and firms like McKenzie and Associates and Thomas recommend, as applied to and exploiting the tools now available, such as using internet searches and Adwords to carve out and hone all-important niches and appeals, to study competitors, and refine the site based on proven methods and Google's correct suggestions of "Campaigns" and split-testing for improvement cycles.

For you entrepreneurs and little companies out there who might want to grow up to be a bigger company, you are here offered the REAL way--compiled, distilled and adapted from scientific and long-proven methods from major books, management consulting firms, advertising experts and our training and school of hard knocks of proper design for reliability and upgradeability--proper programming standards--- right here at your finger-tips.

Only a very few of you will see it or grasp it or at least realize what a real opportunity (to choose the right path) looks like (requiring thinking, hard work and some money-- not get-rich schemes). Those few---will be the real successful business owners of the future.

If you are ready to explore "doing it right" at affordable rates, contact us.


Note: To learn more about proper design, browse our other tips and guides and tips to plan, do research, test and choose a Domain name and Hosting Company, then Design and implement the site. Good management starts with knowledge, particularly in a modern, complex changing field and topic like the internet.

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