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Advertising is key to Web Success.
Most Organic SEO Ranking efforts DON'T WORK!
Get Qualified Leads - Traffic to your site NOW.

Are you Advertising on Google Adwords or Want to?
Save Near 1/2 on Click Costs & PPC Management Fees

Pay per Click Advertising is your BEST BUY - little RISK - Pay Only for Leads.

Why WAIT for Traffic? Work for years to get "organic" high ranking that NEVER COMES?
Pay-per-Click Advertising on Bing or Google gets website traffic NOW.
Most SEO Experts are wasting client's money.

Let the Lowest-Cost USA EXPERT in Web Marketing Help You.

We manage web Ad campaigns; Web-Success and BG Design are web divisions of Buyers' Group MG (Marketing Group).

We set up, plan campaigns, test, choose keywords, write ads & Headlines, organize ad groups, improve, and tweak Adwords Ads.

Our Fees are NEAR HALF of most PPC Mgt. companies.
Get quality Clicks at 30-50% OFF typical click rates!

Why Pay Per Click Ads? - It's relatively cheap, effective and gets IMMEDIATE TRAFFIC.

PPC-Pay per Click is more certain and immediate than Organic Ranking efforts, which can take years. Organic ranking costs huge time and effort and USUALLY DOESN'T WORK!
We cite studies showing most Social Marketing often doesn't work well.

STUDIES SHOW: Most purchases come from Google search.
Things you SHOULD KNOW about Organic-free ranking:

  • Social media sells only a paltry 3-5%.
  • Organic ranking works only for popular, large companies who were already high-ranked first (or Local).
  • Selling on Search Engines works ONLY for companies on Google's page one (83%); Few go further.)
  • You must have have Traffic, and be "an authoritative publisher" (big sites, a Thousand+ good inbound links) to be ranked high.
  • Those ranked high get more traffic and more inbound links due to being high (once high-ranked, hard to dislodge).
  • Organic ranking is especially difficult for speciality, crafted, unbranded and rare-purchase type business.
You MUST be on page 1 or 2 for several terms, to SELL. (Beware SEO companies promising first page; It's only obscure terms and very local). AVOID most other PPC Search Engines - some allow click fraud.

Organic ranking efforts are USUALLY A WASTE OF TIME! See our longer article explaining.

We explain WHY it costs a fortune and years of trying to rank high on Google, but odds are worse than 10 to 1 you'll EVER get there. RESULTS from Social and Organic-Free Ranking efforts are UNCERTAIN - Unlikely - no guarantee.
If you failed to reach page 1 by 2012, you pretty much missed the organic ranking train.

Watch out for a fast-talking SEO charlatans. That's goes for both Organic and Paid promotion. PPC companies often charge too much, or don't know how to get good prices on clicks.

We offer OPTIONS: We can do turnkey or train you, or a combination.
We work only with "In house" staff, not other PPC or SEO companies, because our methods are proprietary.

We urge you to look over this site and especially how to choose paid versus organic promotion.

Regardless of your choice, you still need to utilize Google's tools and Search Engine Pay per click advertising.
It's necessary to test appeals and headlines to improve content, and study competitors. It is also good to know for special promotions, sales and featured items-offers.

You CAN NOT do proper organic free promotion without Google's Webmaster tools and Keyword Tools. To access Keyword tools, you must have an Adwords account.

Learn Google's tools. Do some Adwords. (or get us to do it for you) It helps to examine competition, learn about prospect segments, and tweak headlines and the company web strategy, which WILL help the Business Strategy.

Or you will have chosen to try out PPC as a fast way to get site traffic. You can get IMMEDIATE traffic, within a day or so. You'll want to learn all about Adwords or Bing campaigns. This page explains more of how, in conjunction with other pages about promotion, Adwords and site management.

We'll help you make PPC work economically IF there is any way that it fits your business.

Take a look at What is Pay Per Click Advertising, if you are unfamiliar with it or wish to try it yourself.

Most small Businesses need help with online advertising. They outsource the set-up, testing and management of online advertising to an "online media agent", who trains and consults with internal staff.
We are an online media agent and PPC management company, as well as experts in web design and Maintenance..

HOW MUCH DOES it COST?: It can be designed to fit most budgets.
There are two costs: Management and Clicks.
Typical costs are about $0.80 to $5 per click. More commonly, for average type businesses, depending on competition, bids run about $1.30 to $3.50 per click (Local can often be less).

PPC Management Fees vary widely from $200 to $10,000/mo or more for big companies.
We can save you money compared to that, near half. Likewise we get you much lower click rates by our methods.

Ads are worded to tease and try to screen out "lookers". Our ability to write good headlines and Ads is hard to find.
Pulling power of ads can vary by 5 times with just small changes. You must allow for TESTING of various ads and various phrases, and finding a focus and appeals by customer segment. That is you must allow about a year or more to tweak and improve.

The key to success is TESTING. See our longer article on PPC for explanation.

We primarily use Google Adwords as the best choice.
Most other Search Engines DON'T WORK well

But like ALL matters of internet marketing and websites, BUYER BEWARE. Get expert help or you WILL likely waste a bunch of money or overspend. Set a Budget!!

Most people in business don't distinguish between organic and paid promotion, which is a mistake.

Managing PPC Costs:

Pay per Click is not cheap, but it is reasonable, quick and effective - you will get traffic.
For a company with several hundred thousand in sales/year, it's not very expensive.
Management of pay per click is reasonable. We do it better and cheaper than most.

Costs:To get $1 million in sales, a small mostly-Online business would spend around 3% of sales on Adwords Ads plus about 1 to 2% for the PPC management. That's in line with the 2% to 5% of conventional businesses. That would figure around $4000 per month total.

Of course it depends on the business and competition, and will vary greatly.

Local search placement-ranking is less expensive than national or international.

We can help you get started cheaper than that, and than most.

Local or unique-product or strong-brand businesses can spend a lot less, about 50-60% of the typical. Smaller businesses competing in crowded or national markets can spend a much higher percentage of sales and still barely get by or fail.
A bad business can't be fixed by just good advertising.

We can help a small company seeking $200,000 to a few million annual sales to get started for even less than the above typical rates. A basic first "test" campaign with

  • 2 to 5 Ad Groups and
  • 120 to 300 search phrases ... can be
  • Set up for about $200 to $400 One-Time Setup Fee (only 100 Terms are in the $99 Special), and
  • Run for about $180-$220/mo in PPC management fee
  • plus $400-$800/mo in click costs.

That is a level that is both likely to be useful to learn/improve AND produce some sales. With us, you get what you pay for. The more you invest, the more tweaking you get.

That monthly Pay Per Click fee is for
  • testing, changing, improving, tweaking the campaigns,
  • helping plan campaigns,
  • suggesting content improvements and
  • writing Headlines and ads that pull (finding headlines and appeals that work).
We improve screening-to qualify clickers and reduce curiosity seekers.
We study useless search phrases to block them.

We suggest you read more of this site to see how a site should be designed for type of promotion chosen.

We do the job of:

  • setting up the account .
  • evaluating the website, its content and product features.
  • looking at the marketing strategy (targeting, audience, locations).
  • researching Keywords - search terms in relation to the content .
  • creating ads to test headlines and appeals, initial.
  • working with the business sales department to plan campaigns and special promotions.
  • coordinating with the web developer and marketing manager as to direction and wording of offers and development of landing pages or sections focused on product features matching target customer needs and motivations.
  • helping refine the budget for PPC campaigns
  • working with the web design firm and marketing dept. to schedule periodic improvements to the web site based on appeal and headline testing.
  • discussing with marketing each quarter to 6 months as to projected changes in web marketing strategy.
  • Helping marketing plan for proper budgeting for PPC

How to Get started and Working Together:

Internal staff can help with some of the PPC management.

The marketing department should write or help with Ad headline and copy writing.

We must work closely with the web design-development firm or liaison staff and marketing---to ensure site integrity and cycles of improvements planned around campaigns. A good web designer must be a central contact control point for site changes, to ensure integrity, security, backups and copyright control. We prefer you use BG Design, a specialist in all that, and maintenance.

"try it out" on a small scale, Give us a little time and good marketing strategy information to come up with good Headlines, keywords and appeals to integrate with the web marketing strategy.
Read most of this site to better understand why.

We can make Adwords affordable for your situation

It can take an average busy person with no training a long time to learn how setting up and testing. We relieve most of that effort to set up your campaigns and evaluate results. Your first couple of Ad campaigns may not produce much results. It takes about 4 months to get a couple of adgroups and a few ads improved and working.

Someone in the client company should explain about the business andtypes of prospects, their behaviors and needs anad how they are met by product features offered. You need to provide about 12 hours each of the first two months to help us get the campaigns going properly.

We need to go over your business strategy and web strategy with marketing staff liason and a little with your web developer. We must be able to easily work with a cooperative, capable web designer, who may need to make some minor or medium changes for best results.

We will try to keep you well below the $600 to $3000 per month that some PPC managers charge for click management for a small company of $200,000 to $5 million sales. Average charges by others are typically $900 to $1200 per month.

KNow what you get, whether 2 ads or 6 or 8, and how many Ad Groups. Know what you are getting. We tend to start with 3 to 4 ad groups and charge about 60% what the average better-quality PPC management firm charges, if we work with our web designer.

For that size business, we help you get started for about $250 to $500 in PPC management fees over the first couple of months, plus about $400-$1000 in click costs. That will give you an idea how effective and the cost.

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If you have not completed your site, or are planning revising it, study proper web site design tips and factors for web business success.

You can use PPC however much you want.

It will be of great value to your company to use the opportunity to refine your strategy and learn what are good ads, and learn about your competition.

Good Luck

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