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Real experts at web marketing know that basics of advertising with Headlines, subheads, bullets, searchable text, clarity and showing the product helping the prospect--- are keys to success. Below are links to articles which cite examples of website successes and failures.

We also cite expert articles about promotion failures and social media effectiveness misconceptions. The bottom line on social media and organic promotion is that it is unpredictable, unreliable and by charts showing measured results. That is-- it is tedious, difficult, time-consuming and not very effective.

Likewise Glitzy Flashy animated or mysterious beautiful sites often don't sell much, and often violate the most basic advertising principles while slowing the site and distracting the reader from the main headlines and points.

Surprisingly even some so-called expert ad agencies and other creative marketers have failed miserably on the internet because they do not understand that it is not just like other media and there are technical requirements and limitations unlike other advertising.

They have not even followed the basics of their industry, and gone more for glitz, Flash and creativity than basic advertising, educating, quickly communicating, and aiding easy quick navigation.

These ad agencies seem to have not learned that people in the internet age are impatient. They have near infinite quick and interesting choices with a click. Viewers can go immediately to exactly what they search for, and if a site is mysterious, cutesy, cryptic and ohhh so creative that a person has to think to figure it out... they are GONE. If navigation doesn't tell them exactly how to get to the topic they want in a clear and standard manner, they are GONE.

It is important to design for all the technical and marketing requirements in the early stages, so obviously you need to study all these important web selling principles. These are merely classical advertising principles and direct marketing methods (testing, refinement, campaigns-cyclical improvements) applied to websites and the internet along with common sense about clarity, speed and rapid communications.

There are good reasons why super-intelligent Google designed marketing promotions around the concepts of speed, good navigation, bold Headlines and points, focus/differentiation, and the concept of promotion "campaigns". If you ignore such marketing expertise and how Google works--how your site should work--- you will likely fail after about 2 to 4 years.

If you have an existing website, learning these principles and planning and research, as outlined in Web-Success articles, are important to make simple improvements to not lose traffic, to start closing sales, and not spend too much money.

Here are a few article links to read about design and marketing success and failures on the internet. Having too much to spend and not really knowing much about web site design and marketing are just as bad as too little money and almost knowing enough.

This very early article by an expert had it right, urging "minimalist design". He hits the basics, what matters:

A very important recent March 2013 article that candidly and expertly refutes "conventional wisdon shows how little "social media" and community marketing actually contribute to actual sales:
Can We Please Stop Hyping Social as the Marketing Messiah?

Clear back in 2004, web marketing expert Gerry McGovern explained about flash problems in an article no longer online, that Flash is slow, distracting and often too strange or obscure to matter, and it can't directly be read by search engines.

The latest news on FLASH is that it may be "going away" , being superceded by changes in Browser and Web programming standards, where similar and more can be accomplished within the scope of XHTML and similar language.

Your web designer can help you keep your site interesting and attractive without overdoing flash or javascript animation that can be slow and distracting. Great pictures of what you do or your featured products really help sell. If you use slideshows or image changers, these images should be the main featured items with text to get the buyer to BUY NOW, etc.

Below is a quote from a leading expert on web design (McGovern).

"There is no question that certain designs can be made both beautiful and functional. But for other design challenges, the more beautiful the design is made, the less functional and easy to use it becomes. This is particularly true for websites."
Article from "The best websites are useful and ugly" By Gerry McGovern.

In another article he notes that the top selling website is literally almost ugly (appealingly garrish?) but highly effective - It sells, and has not changed much in about 9 years.
(see midpage

Quoting him again:

"If first impressions are so important on the Web, then why have all the above websites been so successful? Perhaps the answer is that the look of the website comes second to the function of the website."

Please note it does NOT have to be ugly but it must be functional and easily readable by people and search engine spiders as well as be easy to navigate quickly.

When it comes to content, know what Google calls content, and look for how to improve it. Here is a good article from about improving website content, including very important tags.

Just remember, reading our articles can help a lot on all aspects of your site and promotion. Check out this article on business web design priorities. Another or our own is top-15-secrets-of-good-web-design-promotion.

When all else fails, focus on good project management, promotion using basic advertising and marketing strategy principles, and update your site to be clear, fast and full of headlines and appeals.

We will adding more proprietary articles in the future for our customers pertaining to building qualified traffic and business sales. Obviously the value of the content to the reader/viewer is crucial. Hence Google uses "authoritative and relevant content" as key ranking factors.

In summary, web marketing success requires thoughtful study and a fine balance of technical, business strategy, advertising basics and internet marketing requirements. Your web design and marketing expert can help you achieve these balances.

If you aren't thinking of these kinds of points in regard your websites, then with growing competition, you may not succeed. Let's work together to make you a success.

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